Адопт ми подарки за звезды

Star Rewards

The Star Rewards were added on March 20, 2020, as a part of the «Star Rewards» update. Star Rewards come from earning stars in the Daily Reward by keeping a consistent log-in streak. The stars can be used to gain certain items, depending on how many stars a player has. It encourages users to keep a streak to play the game more.

After getting the Golden Egg for the first time, the stars reset to 0 stars and all the rewards are exactly the same, except the final reward. The final reward was the Golden Egg, but in a player’s second time repeating the cycle it gets replaced by the Diamond Egg, which would take almost double the time to get. The cycle continues to repeat each time a player reaches the Golden or Diamond Egg.

If players try to claim a star reward and it says «You have not played long enough to claim this reward,» it means that they have to spend more time in Adopt Me. For example, a playtime of 3 hours 30 minutes is required in order to claim the human bubble.

Star Reward Items

These are the items players can obtain from the Star Rewards:

Name Cost (Stars) Streak Image Category Rarity
Steel Drum 9 Stars 5 days Toys Uncommon
Drone Propeller 30 Stars 10 days Toys Uncommon
Medieval Grapple 90 Stars 30 days Toys Uncommon
Human Bubble 140 Stars 45 days Vehicles Rare
Da Vinci Propeller 180 Stars 60 days Toys Rare
Ginger Cat 210 Stars 70 days Pets Ultra-Rare
Frostbite Grapple 230 Stars 80 days Toys Rare
Trumpet 280 Stars 100 days Toys Uncommon
Angelic Propeller 300 Stars 110 Days Toys Ultra-Rare
Blue Rider 320 Stars 90

Vehicles Rare
Didgeridoo 360 Stars 100

Toys Rare
Toucan 400 Stars 120 Pets Ultra-Rare
Futuristic Grapple 460 Stars 180 days Toys Ultra-Rare
Rocket Racer 500 Stars 140 days Vehicles Ultra-Rare
Starfish 550 Stars 150 days Pets Ultra-Rare
Witch’s Caravan 600 Stars 160 days Vehicles Legendary
Golden Egg 660 Stars 180 days Pets Legendary
Diamond Egg 660 Stars and must have gotten the Golden Egg at least once. 390 days Pets Legendary


A player’s Star Rewards Calendar

In the past, the number of stars awarded every five days was randomized. Now, players can claim a certain amount of stars on the fifth day and is not randomized.

Adopt Me!‘s cover image during the Star Rewards update

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