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You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why. Ficsmas is coming to town

FICS⁕MAS was a seasonal holiday-themed in-game event, which lasted from Dec 1st, 2020 to Jan 18th, 2021. Exclusive items and buildings were available during this event, which remained once the event ended.


Participating [ edit | edit source ]

The event was set to be enabled by default the first time the game was updated to Patch 0.3.7, both in the early access and experimental branches. It could be disabled entirely in the main menu (not the in-game pause menu) by ticking the Disable Seasonal Events option in gameplay settings.

After the event ended (18th January 2021 [1] ), FICSMAS items and buildings remained in the world, but Gift Trees stopped producing gifts. Production buildings kept their recipes, but you can no longer select the recipes elsewhere. The build menu category, HUB Calendar, and M.A.M. research chain disappeared (this means no more FICSMAS buildings can be built).

FICSMAS Calendar [ edit | edit source ]

While the event was active, a Satisfactory themed advent calendar could be found to the right of the HUB Terminal. This calendar would give access to a new gift each day of the event up until December 25. Interacting E with the Calendar would bring up a poster featuring a mini puzzle game. The engineer would have to look for a hidden number corresponding to either the current date in December or a previous date. There were 25 total gifts to be earned. By clicking the number equalling to the current day of December, items would pop up as a daily reward. Those items could then be collected into the inventory.

If the player couldn’t find a specific number, they could use a hint system that highlighted the desired number.

Gifts [ edit | edit source ]

The rewards for all of the days were randomized, except for the 1st, 4th, 5th, 11th, and the 25th of December.

  • The gift for the 1st day is 100 × FICSMAS Gifts
  • The gift for the 4th day is 1 × Red FICSMAS Ornament
  • The gift for the 5th day is 1 × FICSMAS Ornament Bundle
  • The gift for the 11th day is 1 × FICSMAS Wonder Star
  • The gift for the 25th day is 1 × Fused Modular Frame

For all other days, the sequence was shuffled, although it was guaranteed to get all the items below:

Gifts Notes
100 × FICSMAS Gift FICSMAS items
25 × Copper FICSMAS Ornament
25 × Iron FICSMAS Ornament
25 × Blue FICSMAS Ornament
10 × FICSMAS Decoration
25 × FICSMAS Bow
30 × FICSMAS Tree Branch
20 × Candy Cane
50 × Actual Snow
50 × Snowball
50 × Beryl Nut Standard items
15 × Bacon Agaric
30 × Paleberry
20 × Power Shard
1 × Coal
200 × Color Cartridge
10 × FICSIT Coupon
6 × Superposition Oscillator Available exclusively
through the calendar
1 × Superposition Oscillator
2 × Quantum Computer

Rewards from missed previous days could be collected, while those from upcoming days couldn’t. When a reward was collected, its number changes from pale white to gold color.

The calendar included a tip function at the bottom right which highlighted the number that was entered into its search bar.

Giant FICSMAS Gifts [ edit | edit source ]

While the event was active, Giant FICSMAS Gifts would be dispensed from the sky at random intervals, but only within 300 meters of the player. They fell slowly with parachutes and would land on the first solid object in contact, shaking the screen and with a pop effect. They could be interacted with to collect FICSMAS Gifts. If they are hard to access such as on top of a tree or a cliff, using Ladders was one of the easiest methods.

Each of them was sized between 4 × 4 × 3 m to 12 × 12 × 7 m. The size of the box corresponded to the amount of FICSMAS gifts inside. They had a collision box that did not affect vehicles but could affect factory construction to a certain degree, so it was advised to pick them up. Each of them yielded between five to 40 FICSMAS Gifts when picked up.

They had a number limit, and picking them up would enable more gift boxes to be dispensed. When picking up a gift, there was a small chance that ADA would say one of the following lines:

  • «Merry Christmas»
  • «Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas»
  • «Happy holidays. Now get back to work»
  • «Here’s a present. It’s Iron bars»
  • «Merry Christmas you filthy animal».

M.A.M. Research [ edit | edit source ]

A new research tree called ‘FICSMAS Holiday Event’ was available exclusively during the event, which could be unlocked in M.A.M.:

# Research Cost Time Rewards
1 FICSMAS Tree Base 100 × FICSMAS Gift 0:03 Building: Giant FICSMAS Tree
Crafting: FICSMAS Tree Branch out of FICSMAS Gift
2 Candy Cane Basher 50 × FICSMAS Tree Branch 0:03 Crafting: Candy Cane Basher
Crafting: Candy Cane out of FICSMAS Gift
3 Candy Cane Decor 10 × Candy Cane 0:03 Building: Candy Cane
Crafting: FICSMAS Bow out of FICSMAS Gift
4 Giant FICSMAS Tree: Upgrade 1 1 × Red FICSMAS Ornament 0:03 Crafting: Red FICSMAS Ornament
Crafting: Blue FICSMAS Ornament
Giant Tree Upgrade: Candy Canes
20 × Candy Cane
30 × FICSMAS Bow
5 A Friend 50 × Candy Cane 0:03 Building: Snowman
Crafting: Actual Snow
50 × FICSMAS Bow
6 FICSMAS Gift Tree 50 × Red FICSMAS Ornament 0:03 Building: FICSMAS Gift Tree
Crafting: Copper FICSMAS Ornament
Crafting: Iron FICSMAS Ornament
50 × Blue FICSMAS Ornament
50 × FICSMAS Tree Branch
7 Giant FICSMAS Tree: Upgrade 2 1 × FICSMAS Ornament Bundle 0:03 Giant Tree Upgrade: FICSMAS Light, Red, Blue and Copper Ornaments
200 × Copper FICSMAS Ornament
200 × Iron FICSMAS Ornament
8 FICSMAS Lights 100 × Red FICSMAS Ornament 0:03 Building: FICSMAS Power Light
Crafting: FICSMAS Ornament Bundle
100 × Blue FICSMAS Ornament
50 × Copper FICSMAS Ornament
50 × Iron FICSMAS Ornament
9 It’s Snowing! 10 × FICSMAS Ornament Bundle 0:03 Building: FICSMAS Snow Dispenser
Crafting: FICSMAS Decoration
100 × Actual Snow
500 × FICSMAS Tree Branch
10 Giant FICSMAS Tree: Upgrade 3 1 × FICSMAS Wonder Star 0:03 Giant Tree Upgrade: Iron Ornaments, Colored Gifts
200 × FICSMAS Decoration
400 × FICSMAS Ornament Bundle
11 FICSMAS Wreath 100 × FICSMAS Decoration 0:03 Building: FICSMAS Wreath
Crafting: FICSMAS Wonder Star
200 × FICSMAS Ornament Bundle
500 × FICSMAS Bow
12 Snowfight! 500 × Actual Snow 0:03 Crafting: Snowball Pile
Crafting: Snowball
500 × Candy Cane
500 × FICSMAS Bow
13 Giant FICSMAS Tree: Upgrade 4 500 × FICSMAS Wonder Star 0:03 Giant Tree Upgrade: A Star as a tree-topper

The entire research tree required only Tier 3 tech — only Constructors, Assemblers, Smelters and Foundries were required to automate all the FICSMAS parts (they cannot be crafted at Craft Bench). The number of contents available was locked behind certain key items, which could only be obtainable by scheduled daily rewards. For example, the first key item, a Red FICSMAS Ornament, was required for further researches down the tree.

Источник статьи: http://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/FICSMAS

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